Applications are invited from eligible candidates for appointment for 80 posts of Law Clerks & 20 candidates on Wait List on contract basis on the establishment of the High Court of Bombay and its benches at Nagpur and Aurangabad on the following terms and conditions :-

1. Eligibility Criteria :-

The following categories of applicants shall be eligible to apply for selection as Law Clerks :

(A) (i)Fresh Law Graduates who have passed the final LLB.

Examination in the first attempt with minimum of 55% marks or

(ii)Candidates possessing a Post Graduate Degree in Law.

(B) The High Court may consider giving preference to candidates holding a Post Graduate Degree in Law.

(C) Candidates must have basic knowledge in the use of computers/laptop and softwares relating to case laws.

(D) The candidates must not be less than 21 years of age or more than 30 years of age, on the date of his recommendation by the Principal of the concerned Law College, or by the respective Presidents of the Bar Associations.

2. Procedure for Submitting Applications:

(A) The Candidature of each applicant Should be recommended by the Principals of any of the following institutions:

i) National Law School, Bangalore ii) National Law School, Hyderabad iii) N.U.J.S. Law College, Calcutta iv) National Law School, Jodhpur

v) Government Law College, Churchgate, Mumbai vi) ILS Law College, Pune

vii) Symbiosis Law College, Pune

viii) University College of Law, Nagpur ix) M.P. Law College, Aurangabad.

x) Yashawant Law College, Nanded.

xi) V.M. Salgaonkar, Law College, Miramar, Panaji. xii) Kare Law College, Margao, Goa or

xiii) Any other reputed Law College recognized by University

Grants Commission subject to approval by the Hon'ble the Chief Justice.

B) The Applicants who have passed the LL.B./LL.M. examinations may in the alternative be recommended by:-

For Principal Seat at Bombay :-

a) the President of the Bombay Bar Association ; or

b) the President of the Advocates Association of Western India; or

c) the President of the Incorporated Law Society d) For Bench at Nagpur

the President, High Court Bar Association, Nagpur.

e) For Bench at Aurangabad

the President, High Court Bar Association, Aurangabad

f) For Bench at Panaji-Goa. the President, High Court Bar Association, Panaji-Goa

C) The Principals of the respective institutions or, as the case may be, the respective Presidents of the Bar Associations should follow objective and transparent criteria in recommending applicants in order to ensure that candidates have an equal opportunity to apply for selection.

3. Selection Process :-

a) Eligible Candidates who are recommended by the Principals of the Law Colleges or Presidents of Bar Associations named above, will have to appear for a personal interview in the High Court, Bombay at their own cost on

the date and time to be notified.

b) Selection shall be based on merit. The list of selected candidates shall be subject to the approval of the Honourable the Chief Justice.

4. Nature of work to be assigned to Law Clerks :-

a) One Law Clerk may be attached to each Judge of the High Court to assist in such legal work as may be assigned by the Hon'ble Judge.

b) Law Clerk shall assist the Honourable Judge in judicial as

well as administrative work and in carrying out search and research in such matters and on such legal issues as may be required by the Honourable Judge to whom he is assigned by the Chief Justice. His duties shall include attending the

Court, making notes, drafting of memoranda, opinions, comments or monographs on such legal matters and research from such material and sources as may be suggested by the Judge to whom he is assigned.

5. Honorarium of Law Clerks

a) Each Law Clerk will be paid a consolidated amount of Rs. 20,000 per month as Stipend I Honorarium for the assignment, or such amount as may be prescribed from time to time by the Government.

b) Law Clerks will not be entitled to any other allowances and will not be treated or deemed to be in the regular employment of the High Court.

6. Term of assignment and de-assignment of Law Clerks:• a) All Law Clerks will be ad-hoc appointees on contractual basis for a period of one year. However, any Law Clerk may be discharged even before completion of an year .

b) The term of assignment may be extended by a further

period of one year if recommended by the Honourable Judge concerned to whom he is attached, subject to the approval of the Chief Justice.

c) The appointment may be terminated by either side by giving one month's notice, or one month's salary in lieu thereof, which requirement may be waived by either side.

d) Provided that appointment of Law Clerks will be liable

to be terminated at any time by the Chief Justice without notice or any compensation if his services are found to be unsatisfactory or if he violates any of these Rules.

Only on satisfactory completion of the assignment, the Law Clerk will be entitled to a Certificate issued by the High Court of Bombay or its benches at Nagpur and Aurangabad as the case may be, certifying that he/she has satisfactorily completed the assignment as Law Clerk in the High Court. The assignment as Law Clerk will not confer any right or preference for any employment under the High Court or the Government.

7. Bar to Practice as an Advocate :-

a) No Law Clerk shall practice as an Advocate in any Court of Law or Tribunal and it will be obligatory for him/her after accepting the assignment as Law Clerk to inform the concerned Bar Council in writing that he or she shall not practice as an advocate, so long as he or she continues with the assignment as a Law Clerk.

b) The Law Clerk shall refrain from practicing before the Judge with whom he/she was attached for a period of one year after ceaser of his/her assignment as Law Clerk.

c) Law Clerks shall not be entitled to appear in any case handled by the Honourable Judge to whom he was attached if the Law Clerks had worked on that case.

8. Conduct of Law Clerk:

a) During the period of assignment every Law Clerk shall maintain a high standard of reputation and integrity commensurate with the responsibilities entrusted to him. He shall maintain utmost secrecy in respect of matters which come to his notice by virtue of such assignment and shall ensure that no information document or any other

thing is leaked out because of his mishandling of papers or his deliberations with others, or in any other manner.

b) Similarly, during the period of assignment and at all times, the Law Clerk shall maintain complete secrecy regarding the work assigned to him by the Judge.

c) Law Clerk shall abide by such other Rules and conditions of service as may be prescribed by the Chief Justice.

d) Law Clerk shall upon acceptance of his appointment as such, undertake in writing to abide by these Rules and shall, in particular, undertake that he shall perform his duties with due diligence and discipline maintaining confidentiality about all the matters and information that he may come across during the discharge of his duties.

9. Date of Interview :

Date of interview will be published on web site of the High Court so also intimated only on the e-mail address of the candidates given in his/her application. The candidate must observe website of the High Court of Bombay to that effect. High Court website is

10. Last date for submission of application:

Applicants should submit the application alongwith his/her self attested documents upon recommended by the Principals of aforesaid institutions and Presidents of Bar Associations addressed to the Registrar (Personnel), High Court, Appellate Side, Bombay, 5th floor, New Mantralaya Building, G. T. Hospital Compound, Behind Ashoka Shopping Centre, Near Crowford Market, LT. Marg, l'v1umbai-400 001 on or before 30t11 September 2016 till 5.00 p.m. by Speed Post/R.P. A. D./ Hand· delivery/Courier. The Applications received thereafter will not be considered. The cover containing the application shall be super scribed as :

''Application for Appointment of Law Clerk".